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Connections I
Connections II
Connections III
Connections IV
Connections V
Connections VI
Connections VIII
Connections VII
Connections Concept's Summary

I believe it is important not to overlook the human connection we have with each other and all that surrounds us. I do not want to erase the idea of individuality. We all have our own individual auras, which we should value however, we should also value living and co-existing with one another. The images are separate pieces to continue valuing people as individuals. Western society teaches us to believe we are separate entities disconnected from other beings. My photography project is about people who are not only looking for connections with others but for a primordial connection with nature. The drawings surround the people and the designs give a sense of organic shapes: leafs and nature based designs. The designs connect all the people together again emphasizing oneness, they move around the work encounter other designs, interact and create new forms, richer than the previous ones. This work is about looking beyond differences, beyond prejudices, and about acceptance.

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